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When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of my wedding day. I would put on a big duvet blanket, that in my mind looked just like a gorgeous princess gown and walk down the aisle to my Prince Charming...

Hi Beautiful People!! My name is Lydia Li, proud owner of The Enchanted Wedding. I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart. I’m obsessed with love and weddings, and If I could, I would marry my husband every single year - you know, it takes time to plan a wedding. Instead, it’s my honor to get to make fantasies like my own a reality for others who grew up with visions of their Big Day. My studio is my life’s passion, and I truly value the chance to witness the most important chapter of your love.

During the beginning of the pandemic, I was engaged and trying to plan a dream wedding with my now husband. Being a Covid bride, I know the unique struggles the couples are going through during wedding plannings. It’s extremely painful not being able to have the wedding you imagined, and that’s why I’m here to help.


Me and hubby, Vince @ Waimea Valley, Hawaii. Photographic Credit to the most talented Emily Choy Photography  

After I decided to pursue my dream, I went back to school and received a MBA from Johnson & Wales University. Last year, I have earned a certification of Trained Wedding Planner from the American Associational of Certified Wedding Planner (AACWP), and an accreditation of Event Designer through the Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED). I'm currently pursuing certification as a Floral Designer at the Southern California School of Floral Design.

I like to associate feelings and personalities to specific colors, music, smells, and even tastes when designing for a wedding. A book by Fleur McHarg called "The Flower Expert" explains this as Synesthesia, which means having a sensory experience through another. This gives me amazing insight into the emotions of the couples I work with, as well as being able to create completely original and personalized weddings to a deeper level.


Wedding is the beginning of every happily ever after, and I can't wait to be part of your fairy tale.

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